Program Description:  Seniors Who Paint™ is a unique program dedicated to inspiring Seniors to showcase their art on greeting cards.  Art gives a positive awareness of a person’s talent and an opportunity to believe in themselves through their art talent.  Studies have shown that Seniors who paint have less doctor appointments, take less medication, and have a more social life. Once they see their finished art on a greeting card their expression is one of amazement.  This gives them a place they can display their artwork and their achievements.  Their art will be a gift passed on to the next generation.

How It Works:
We insert the image into Photoshop under their file name. We print the image on an 8.5×5.5 folded high-quality greeting card, includes envelop and inserted into a clear plastic binder.  There is no charge to set up the first card sample.  At this time, their original art images are designed on their personal order form, at no charge. This is when we see how proud they are of their artwork, and send their order forms to family and friends around the country. We also have note card box sets of ten cards and ten envelops, and standard size box sets of twelve cards and twelve envelops. We have many testimonials from Seniors that are so appreciative of our program and how it works for them.  We work with Senior Centers, Independent Living Communities, and Senior art programs.


I like to paint because it is a new challenge to me, it allows me to express my religious convictions through art, it tells a story. I experience a sense of satisfaction in seeing the finished painting, and I appreciate the compliments from fellow painters and friends.